So you've started a new world, and you're deadset on becoming a King of the realm! I'm here to show you how to get started, and give you some pro-tips on how to jumpstart your life at the Guild. No need to follow these closely - it's your story you're making, after all! (NOTE: Minimap not included in this mod!)

After starting a new conquest...

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The Guild!

The Guild magically appears nearby! Rush down the gravel road into the entrance of the Guild, where you're met by a few guards on standby, keeping an eye out for trouble! They are often seen roaming the Guild grounds, keeping all safe from harm. Occasionally, they play in the well, which can't be sanitary, but they have swords and you don't, so you don't say anything. Upon entering the Guild, you turn to the left and see the entrance to what looks like an inn. The Builder stands off to the side, patiently awaiting the day you acquire enough Honor to become a King! You decide it's more important to become a part of the Guild before exploring any further, and you head up the stairs.

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Down this hall and up the stairs is the Guild Master!

stead of heading out onto the balcony that overlooks the Guild grounds, you take a few more steps up into what appears to be a nice waiting area, with benches and flowers decorating the area. Staying on the right side of the room, you find another set of stairs to go up. There are many rooms with chests and makeshift beds, confirming that this building not only acts as the Guild Master's keep, but as an inn as well. In the only open room on this floor, you see the Guild Master standing, surrounded by guards. You approach him and a menu opens. He's asking you to join the Guild! You must sign a contract with him to earn Honor, and the title of King, after which you will be able to begin your own kingdom! (The only way to currently earn Honor is by killing hostile mobs.) Now that you've finished up here, you head back down to the Guild grounds to explore a bit more.
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Why, thank you kind sir!

Past the well, you see a farmer and his crops. You speak to him, and he gives you bread! How nice of him! You get bread from this man once every FULL Minecraft day, so don't expect bread when you've slept all day or night! You think about breaking down the fence and harvesting his wheat for him, but something catches your eye. It's the Blacksmith and his neverending fire! You approach him and his shop and he greets you kindly.

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But I have no money!

You ask to look at his wares and he humors you, at which point you realize you have no money to spend! You ask him how to alleviate this problem and he suggests collecting the flowers around the grounds. They're plentiful and will yield a decent reward. Knowing that collecting flowers will be much, MUCH easier than trying to make your own tools, you set off to pick some daisies!

Before long, the sun is setting, so you run back into the Guild to sell your 20 or so flowers to the Blacksmith. You make about 1200 gold pieces, which is more than a fair deal (he said something about missing his anniversary, so he may have been desperate!) and you proceed to buy an Iron shovel, axe, pickaxe, and sword, with just over 300 gold pieces left [NOTE: version 1.0.5 has a price fix for flowers, and they yield less now. 1.0.5 is also new and buggy, which is why I'm using 1.0.3). These should last you a while! Night has fallen and you can begin to kill monsters that lurk outside the
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Guild walls! Occasionally, a lone spider or Skeleton will spawn inside the walls, where it will be descended upon by a legion of guards. You decide to stay right outside the Guild entrance, and you kill your first zombie! A piece of rotten flesh drops to the ground, along! Just about 20 or so gold pieces, but it's still profit! Finally, fiscal incentive to kill monsters! You spend all night fighting monsters and collecting loot, stuffing your wallet and raising your Honor with the Guild. By the break of day, you have put a small dent into your Honor bar, and have gained more money than flower picking alone could make you!

Congratulations, you have officially, and successfully, started an excellent adventure in Tale of Kingdoms. It's all downhill from here!