I recently had a power outage and when I got everything back up and running my ToK world wasn't on the list to play. I created a new one w/ the same name and BAM it opened the old world I had made my own, the strange thing was it took me to a different respawn spot and asked if I wanted to start my conquest. I accepted and turned around and there was a 2nd guild next to the 1st. I went back to my T2 town and all the villagers were gone, but the vendor NPC's were still vending except the builder, he only told me I hadn't earned the right to build a city. So I went to 2nd Guild and talked to the Guild Leader, my conquest bar was now empty....

Thus starts my tale of two kingdoms. I'm going to start killing mobs and build my conquest up and see if I can start another town kind of near my 1st one and get the first ToK metropolis going. If I get both towns up and running I'll post picks of my two cities.

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